Woodside Sanctuary

In 2024, the Rotary Club of North Sydney Sunrise (RCNSS) expanded Rotary’s humanitarian reach internationally to endorse a project for Woodside Sanctuary in Johannesburg, South Africa – a home for profoundly intellectually and physically disabled. Founded in 1955 with the help of Rotarians, Woodside is at imminent risk of closure through lack of funds – after 68 years.

Today, Woodside is home to 84 profoundly intellectually and physically disabled residents (aged 3-67 years) who require lifelong care, where they receive tailored multidisciplinary care - nursing, stimulation (mental and physical) and well-being programs. Many have known no other home. Woodside is also a training hub for students completing practical coursework requirements (Social Work, Care Workers, and in some years OT), in this way spreading awareness about disability and uplifting standards of care in the sector. 

Funds raised will enable Woodside to continue the service they provide to the most vulnerable -– with augmented advantage of foreign exchange to the Rand.

The project is registered with RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) with benefits of financial governance (donations accounted in their systems/ transferred directly to Woodside); tax deductibility for Australian donations and receipts issued by RAWCS; and extending networking reach in Australia, including to the South African community. 

Please spread the word. They need a helping hand. To read more please have a look at:

Website: 'Friends of Woodside Sanctuary’ (with links to Woodside’s appeal, audited financials, cost of care per resident, annual report etc on Donate page) or click on Facebook Page

For more information please contact:

Project Manager: Rotarian Patricia Veale

Mobile: +61 412 570 169


October 2020
Australia Rotary Health Hat Day

At our Zoom meeting on the 13th October 2020 members and guests wore hats – some international, some fun and some old favourites. This was in support of Australian Rotary Health’s ‘Hat Day - Lift The Lid On Mental Illness’ - an annual event to support their awareness campaign and fundraising for mental health research.100% of the money raised goes directly to research helping the 1 in 5 Australians affected by depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and many other illnesses.

October is Mental Health Month and this year’s theme is ‘Tune In’. We can tune in to many things: to ourselves, to others, our communities and to stigma around mental illness.

For more information about programmes, projects and research click on Australian Rotary Health  

World Festival of Magic

Our major fund raiser of the year “The World Festival of Magic” was a streamed only event this year due to the ongoing Covid restrictions which do not allow a live performance of the show.

We are very grateful to the business community of Northern Sydney for their continued support of this wonderful event.

This was our club’s 4th year of involvement with the World Festival of Magic which is celebrating their 31st anniversary of shows in Australia.

This year our major beneficiaries will be Phoenix House (website), providing early intervention and support services to the most challenged young people in Northern Sydney and Royal Far West (website), providing health, education and disability services to children living in Rural and remote areas of Australia.

For further details see the World Festival of Magic website

July 2020
Australia Drought Relief

We have joined with Molong Rotary to deliver Financial Support to the families of Molong who were going through the greatest drought in living memory. We celebrated the success of our joint venture by visiting Molong and attending the Drought Relief Celebratory Dinner hosted by the Molong Rotary. The Molong Central School Captain and the Mayor of the Cabonne Shire made Thank You speeches.

Molong is situated about 40Km west of Orange. Financial Support was provided to a number of families via vouchers to be spent in the town at supermarkets, petrol stations and butchers etc. Thus, we were able to assist  both residents and businesses. Secondly, there are many farming families in need, the Rotary Clubs decided to help everybody equally through the schools; the children are victims of this drought, going without things that in the past were counted as needs. We supported 430 students of Molong Central School and St Joseph’s School.

Millers Point BBQ
August 2020
Millers Point Gourmet BBQ

Our team of President Cathie Glinka, Allan Coates, Jaz Stephens, Iain Clark & Andrew Young manned the BBQ at the Millers Point Produce market. Many other members manned the BBQ.

We ran the BBQ on 5 Mondays.

June 2018
Books in Homes at Stuart Town

Three members of the Rotary Club of North Sydney Sunrise were delighted to be able to attend the book presentation facilitated by Books in Homes Australia at the Stuart Town Public School late in June. The 11 enrolled students and several staff were outnumbered on the day by many visitors to the school, who were also there to thank the retiring principal, Mrs Joy Wyner for her many years of service.

The RCNSS has been supporting the Books in Homes Australia project at Stuart Town since 2010 and it was very gratifying for us to see the growing library at the school, an important by-product of the offering of books to each student at the end of every term. Many of the books in the library celebrate Aboriginal culture and the students all now receive lessons in the local Wiradjuri language, a dictionary of which is available for reference.

Following the presentation of books, the students participated in planting trees to create a much needed wind break. This initiative was sponsored by the RCNSS in honour of the goal set by the 2017-18 President of Rotary International, Australian Ian Riseley for Rotarians everywhere to ‘make a difference’ by planting trees.

End Polio

Early spring mornings in 2018, 2019, 2020,2022  a number of North Sydney Sunrise Rotarians were at Milsons Point Railway Station collecting for End Polio Now as part of Mark Anderson and his team of Rotarians on their way though every station on the Sydney network on the "End Polio Now" Train Ride.

For details of the Rotary Program click on End Polio Now

Red Shield Appeal

Our Club has assisted the Rotary Club of North Sydney in recent years with the annual Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal Day.

Our club joined members of our neighbouring Rotary Club and other volunteers at the Australian Catholic University campus in North Sydney.

We distributed the collection instructions, street maps and receipt books to students from local high schools in what was another successful effort in raising funds.


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