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We are men and women who meet regularly in North Sydney for fellowship, networking and breakfast!

It's a great way to make new friends. We come from many walks of life and backgrounds with a common goal - service to the community (local and worldwide) through fellowship.

27 April 2021  - The Age of Discovery    

Ray Walsh 

Join us on a Voyage of Discovery through the age of discovery. Learn how Europe discovered the wider world and the wider world discovered the Europeans.

Our voyage begins with a look at the Spice Islands. Where are they? What spices were grown there? Why did the Europeans value spices?

What motivated the 15th Century Portuguese to discover a way to visit India and, most importantly, the ability to safely return home? How did they learn to sail thousands of kilometers over open ocean on successful multi-year voyages? What were their advances in ship construction, navigation, cartography, and food storage? How did they pay for their exploration?

Who were the famous explorers? What were they looking for? What did they find?

Ray Walsh discovered computers whilst studying for an English degree in 1980. He then spent 35+ years in the IT industry involved in all facets of the technology including software engineering, networking, and data centres. Since retirement in 2017, Ray has volunteered on the Maritime Museum’s floating fleet and recently taken up boating. His research interests include: Maritime Explorers, the Silk Road, and Ancient China.

Cleanup Australia

Cleanup Australia 7th March

Our club is participating in the annual Cleanup Australia Day in the North Sydney area.


Time 7:15am

Breakfast meetings

Location: Piato Restaurant, 123 Blues Point Rd, McMahon’s Point.

Zoom Calls will continue for the forseeable foture.  If you want to attend click on the "Meeting and Contact Info" button in the heading and we will forward you the Meeting Id & Password.

  • 27 Apr, Ray Walsh - The Age of Discovery
  • 04 May, Don Napper - How Vaccines are Made & How do They Work
  • 11 May, Bev Young - Sydney Wildlife Rescue
  • 18 May, Chris Hodge - Your Eyes & What Happens after 50
  • 01 Jun, Alexandra De Yong - Paediatric Medical Traumatic Stress

Changeover Dinner - Members, partners and friends all welcome

Date: Tuesday 6th July, 6.30pm for 7pm

Location: TBA


Club Forum

Location: 123 Blues Point Rd, McMahon’s Point. Zoom Call will continue for the foreseeable future.

Breakfast Meetings where we discuss and agree the organisation/projects to be supported and our plans to provide resources and/or funds to achieve it.


  • None scheduled


The Club

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