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We are men and women who meet regularly in North Sydney for fellowship, networking and breakfast!

It's a great way to make new friends. We come from many walks of life and backgrounds with a common goal - service to the community (local and worldwide) through fellowship.


Moira De Vos

Moira joined us at the Rotary Club of North Sydney Sunrise in 2007. We met her at a time when our number was small and we were reaching out to the local community by selling whisky flavoured Christmas cakes, the prospect of which Moira clearly felt to be irresistible! She had been living at Lavender Bay for only a few years and was always looking for opportunities to get to know and help those around her, a worthy aspiration of an example for all Rotarians.

She quickly demonstrated her strong commitment to the ideals of Rotary and after serving as our Club President in 2010-11, continued until 2020 as Club Treasurer, a role to which she brought the highest standards of professionalism. Our partners in the World Festival of Magic project, the most important and financially successful undertaking in our Club’s history and an onerous task for our Treasurer, reported that Moira was amongst the most highly regarded of the many Club representatives with which they worked, a great compliment indeed!

Over many years, Moira brought to our attention a range of diverse community service projects, several of which have continued and grown in importance. Two are notable. Through the ‘Books in Homes’ charity, our Club provides books to every student attending Stuart Town Public School in Central NSW. Secondly, we support the Canberra based Nusa Tenggara Association which helps poor village communities in eastern Indonesia improve levels of education, productivity, and wellbeing. These projects are both now considered a tribute to Moira.

Perhaps even more important, Moira loved having fun with her family and friends, playing well on the golf course and sipping fine champagne! She will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.


Colin Bush

Colin was the second youngest of 6 children and grew up on the family property near Dalton in the NSW Southern Highlands.

Our club Past President Allan Coates first met Colin in the late 1980’s when they shared a house in Greenwich. At that time Colin was a train driver on the suburban network based at North Sydney Station.

After time as a rail network supervisor at Sydney Central Railway Station he took up a position with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau based in Canberra investigating rail accidents.

He was then a Safety Standards Officer with John Holland Group supervising the contractors during duplication of the main Sydney / Melbourne rail corridor to provide faster passage of freight trains.

After being made redundant he then took up a position with Redflex Traffic Systems, the operator of mobile speed camera vehicles in NSW. Initially as a camera vehicle operator and then as a supervisor in their operations centre.

He was inducted to the Rotary Club of North Sydney Sunrise on 19 December 2017 and was a valued member of our club.

Colin was always one of the first to volunteer for club projects and gave his time and energy to many roles including overseeing our involvement with Bunning’s BBQ fundraising events.

He will be sadly missed by all his friends at Rotary

Please note the club will only be conducting Zoom meeting while we are under Covid-19 restrictions

21 September  - Ethics 
Graeme Robinson

As you know, Rotary has its Four Way Test:

  1. Is it the Truth
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned

Graeme Robinson will present on “Ethics”, a topic of much relevance in the current environment.

Graeme will examine 

  • Ethics beginnings as a concept, and
  • how the many definitions of ethics have been influenced by
    • different religions,
    • constitutions of countries, and
    • ethical theorists 
  • whether the Rotary test addresses the challenges of life in 2021.
    • Is the Four Way Test still relevant? Does there need to be a Fifth Test or do any of the existing Four Tests need to be changed? 

Graeme is a consulting engineer, dispute resolver, arbitrator, mediator, and adjudicator. He has 40 years’ experience in designing and developing major infrastructure and mineral resource projects. He develops projects and determines disputes in Australia, Asia, central and West Africa, the Middle East, and the Pacific rim.


World Festival of Magic

Our major fund raiser of the year "The World Festival of Magic" will be here again around Christmas time.

This event is supported by the business community of Northern Sydney.

Please note that at the current time, COVID continues to present an unknown quantity with respect to live events and venue capacity/availability. Should any audience members be unable to attend the live event, or worst case, should the live event not proceed, then the streamed show will still be available in its place. However, it is our fervent hope that we will be able to present both a live show, and the streamed show.

For further details see the World Festival of Magic website


Time 7:15am

Breakfast meetings

Location: Piato Restaurant, 123 Blues Point Rd, McMahon’s Point.

Zoom Calls will continue for the forseeable foture.  If you want to attend click on the "Meeting and Contact Info" button in the heading and we will forward you the Meeting Id & Password.

  • 21 Sep, Graeme Robinson, Ethics
  • 28 Sep, Tara Tan, Royal Far West
  • 12 Oct, Tony Irwin, The case for Small Modular Reactors (SMR) in Australia
  • 19 Oct, Ian Burnet, Joseph Conrad's Eastern Voyages
  • 26 Oct, Mike Gill, Street Graffiti artists

Club Forum

Location: 123 Blues Point Rd, McMahon’s Point. Zoom Call will continue for the foreseeable future.

Breakfast Meetings where we discuss and agree the organisation/projects to be supported and our plans to provide resources and/or funds to achieve it.


  • 2 Nov, Club Forum & Board Meeting
  • 14 Dec, Club Forum & Board Meeting


The Club

We look forward to welcoming you.


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