The Future is Electric Cars


The future is Electric Cars

A lot of attention has been given to the looming rise of self-driving cars lately, to the extent that the method of their propulsion has been obscured as a result.  But if the future is driverless, then it is also electric.

Facts relevant to the move towards an electric vehicle future

  • Over 750,000 electric vehicles were sold worldwide in 2016
  • 7 countries want fossil fuel-based cars banned
  • General Motors is transitioning to a zero emissions future - they have 20 new electric models on the way
  •  Every new model line from Jaguar Land Rover will be electric from 2020
  • Every Volvo from 2019 will have an electric motor
  •  Volkswagen will electrify its entire fleet by 2030
  • Electric vehicle batteries will become a $24 billion industry within two decades
  • Dyson will launch an electric car by 2020
  • China is leading the world’s boom in electric vehicles with 140 battery makers and a ban on petrol and diesel looming

Robert Giltinan is the Senior Policy & Public Affairs Advisor at the NRMA.  The NRMA published a paper titled “The Future is Electric” in October 2017.  This report had 6 recommendations.  Robert will talk about these and the content of the report. 










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The Future is Electric Cars

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