Lissie and Ivan, Hannah and Mathew provided a wonderfully warm welcome last Tuesday on a cold and wet, winter’s morning, when we were away from Piato’s for the first time following their fire.


We were also very fortunate to have as our guest speaker Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli from the Charles Perkins Centre at Sydney University. She told us the CPC’s multi-disciplinary research groups focus on effective solutions to wicked problems. Margaret’s team is working with QANTAS to make long distance air travel as comfortable as possible for the increasing number of passengers taking very long flights. They are studying how lighting levels and colour, food and drink types and combinations, meal timing, air temperature and pressure, and passenger activity can affect the travel experience and resulting jet lag. Trials on the 17 hour flight from Perth to London are paving the way for Project Sunrise, a 22 hour direct flight from Sydney to London in the near future. While we might be disinclined to take such a trip, what would our parents facing a 55 day voyage think!


Special awards from last week’s meeting go to:

Don’s question – do blind people suffer jet lag?

Hannah’s dish – spinach omelet!