Dr Graham Kenny rightly recalled on Tuesday that it was 8 years ago he last spoke to us, on that occasion about the illusion of competitive advantage. Once again, he was keen to make us think, telling us this time that Australia’s economic growth is a Ponzi Scheme built on population growth rather than improving productivity and consequently, incompatible with Australian’s current way of life!


He contends that we Australians must adjust our expectations, analyse more carefully the components of economic growth, consider whether the interests of business or citizens should prevail, and broaden the scope of our national scorecard. To do this, he proposes we must become better informed, more involved, and have a say in deciding how our community should develop.


Everyone will be delighted to hear that JAZ IS BACK! After a quick spin around the world on a chartered jet, Jaz has returned to Broome to collect her car and mascot in order to resume her Around Australia in 80 Days adventure, promoting Clean Up the World Day in September. It is time for us still here in North Sydney to think hard on what we can do on that day to improve the situation in our yard. All suggestions will be very welcome!