Matt McArthur came to Sydney especially to attend our breakfast meeting last Tuesday and give us a fascinating impression of his experience working in and around Antarctica as a marine ecologist and science communicator.


His images of strange marine life taken in the harshest of environments, deep in the freezing cold waters around Antarctica are truly remarkable. Life takes extraordinary forms under severe circumstances. One interesting result of a lack of predatory fish is a dramatic increase in the size of worms and bugs. Another very interesting area of observation concerned litter. Needless to say, early Antarctic explorers were not aware of the world’s future with regard to problems of rubbish disposal and when their waste disappeared from view under snow and ice, there was no problem. Remarkably, nature appears to have erected something of a safety net around the Antarctic to help exclude marine pollution. A dramatic temperature difference between the Great Southern Ocean and the oceans to its north seems to be keeping a lot of flotsam and jetsam away from the icy margins of the seventh continent.


If you would like to learn more about Matt’s work, visit Diver Matt Incursions at


It seems the hot weather is staying with us for our imminent Bunning BBQ! Best wishes to the team!