Many of us are wondering about electric cars and how soon it will be that we purchase one, and the NRMA’s Robert Giltinan poured fuel on the fire of our speculation last week.


The NRMA’s 2017 report on electric cars makes it very clear that in only a few years, we shall have little choice since petrol engine powered cars will no longer be available. More and more manufacturers are investing in the design and production of electric powered fleets and organisations like NRMA are reflecting on how they can best become involved and protect their futures, for example by building infrastructure to recharge car batteries, the lack of which is one of the great obstacles to wider adoption of electric cars. Can it be right that the NRMA is considering offering its members free electricity to recharge?


Jaz has now passed the half way point in her 80 day journey around Australia. She is going well, having driven over 9,000km and surviving Cyclone Kelvin, 60m long road trains and tons of bulldust!


Allan is making arrangements for new Club tee-shirts. You may recall seeing Allan, Ken or Warren modelling the shirt at one of our meetings recently. If you would like to purchase one to wear at the imminent Bunnings BBQ, for example, please let Allan know as soon as possible.