Ian Burnet returned last week to give us another instalment in his fascinating and widening research into the history and culture of Indonesia. He has now published four books! In his most recent work, he has invested some very different voyages: the geological movement of continental Australia and voyages of discovery made by Joseph Banks, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. Ian is now looking into European voyages of discovery from Indonesia to Australia and we all look forward to hearing his account in due course.

Andrew, Charles, Ken, Iain and several friends of the Club gathered at the CYC in Rushcutters Bay on Thursday evening for a tour of CV 10, a participant in the clipperroundtheworld.com sailing adventure, a voyage very different to those of Banks and Darwin. Although safely moored in the marina, the windy conditions gave us a small taste of what it could be like. We were assured that some 40% of crew taking part have never sailed before! If you have one year and GBP49,500 for the ticket and would like to sign up, I shall happily pass on the application form! 


Cathie has been accompanying Jaz on her road trip up the Western Australian coast from Perth to Denham and next week, we very much look forward to welcoming her safe return and hearing her account of this small part of Jaz’s remarkable adventure.