Last year, Dr Ian Hoskins from North Sydney Council captivated us with his account of the history of North Sydney and last Tuesday, Eric Poulos also from the Council, gave us the current story, based on latest census information.


A sprinkling of visitors helped fill the room to overflowing, every one keen to learn about our North Sydney community. No-one was surprised when Eric told us the city is booming, with both commercial and residential developments appearing on all sides, and struggling to keep pace with the growing population. However, I for one had not understood that ‘education’ is driving a lot of North Sydney’s activity, with more than 17,000 students going to school or university here every day. This also influences the cultural and ethnic diversity. While we are accustomed to seeing Asian faces around us, the number of residents, students and workers from South America is also growing rapidly.


Eric is keen to gather opinions from the community and has available a quick online survey intended to help form the Council’s forthcoming Family and Children’s Strategy. Search for ‘’.


Jaz was delighted that Cathie has been able to join her ‘Around Australia in 80 days’ adventure for the stretch from Perth to Monkey Mia (between Geraldton and Carnarvon). After 20 days, Jaz has already driven nearly 6,000km and interacted with countless people in promoting “Cleanup the World Day”, 15th September 2018.