Senior Constable Jenni Brown made it very clear last week that many of us need to be far more careful in future to monitor closely our financial affairs, or risk losing a great deal of money before we realize anything is amiss!


The discussion following her presentation on identity theft and financial fraud indicated that many of us have already suffered painful experiences of identity fraud, including but by no means limited to credit card abuse. Our visitors from South Africa noted that current practice among credit providers there allows customers to be advised by SMS every time their card is charged. Trends suggest that this unfortunate state of affairs will all too soon be upon us all!  We were also reminded that the primary role of the police is to identify and prosecute criminals, not recover and return lost property.


This week we waved farewell to Jaz, who has set off on her Around Australia in 80 Days venture to raise awareness for the Cleanup the World Day on Saturday, 15th September 2018. Jaz is a roving ambassador for the CUTW Day Team Australia. Some background to this project is included later in this Bulletin. We wish Jaz well on her great adventure and look forward to seeing her back safe and sound after Easter!