Have you noticed what has been happening to your electricity bills?

Norman Koslowski didn’t hold back in explaining to us on Tuesday that our world is changing very quickly indeed, however we can take steps to mitigate the pain or face ever increasing costs into the future. Advances in electrical technology are leading us inevitably into an all-electric battery powered world, where petrol and gas are disappearing. Transport is already increasingly powered by electricity and gas for cooking and heating is becoming uneconomic. Projections of car sales into the future indicate that 90% of new cars sold in ten years will be battery powered. Those of us fortunate to have roofs suitable for solar panel installation will see the value of our property accelerate as people race to install solar collectors and reduce or eliminate their reliance on traditional electricity supply networks. New virtual networks are forming where people with excess solar generated energy can direct it to others of their choosing. Perhaps this will become a new charitable donation: instead of giving money, we might give electricity!



Please remember there will be NO MEETING THIS TUESDAY MORNING. I hope as many as possible will join the dinner at Northbridge Golf Club on Thursday night to honour Ivan and Lissie Lock and Sue and Tony Xia with their Pride of Workmanship Awards.