We made a difference this week!


A small group welcomed Makaela Bowman on Tuesday to hear about the adventure which took her from Cargo, a little town near Orange in regional NSW to Harvard University in Massachusetts for a short course in Sustainable Finance and Investment in Emerging Economies. Jaz had met Makaela and felt we would all enjoy sharing her story. From the outset, it was clear that Makaela is a very bright student capable of following any career path she might choose. Her project at Harvard focussed on growing mushrooms, a high yielding high value crop particularly suited to helping women in emerging economies earn an independent income and she had selected Uganda as her target economy. Co-incidentally, it was only a couple of weeks ago that we were helping Annabelle Chauncy’s School for Life Foundation pack donated goods ready for shipment to Uganda, so it was easy for us to make a connection – Rotary could introduce a brilliant student with a great idea and an experienced philanthropist with a female labour force looking for gainful and profitable employment opportunities. We all look forward to hearing this partnership has flourished!



The calendar is overflowing with events in the weeks leading up to Christmas, but please make special note of the Pride of Workmanship Dinner on 16th November, our AGM on 5th December and our Christmas Party on 12th December. Details are included elsewhere in the Bulletin.