What a great Halloween party on Saturday night!


All the hard work and planning undertaken by Moira, Allan and Ken came to fruition on Saturday night at Cammeray Golf Club, when 70 or so members, families and friends came together to celebrate Halloween and Ken’s 70th birthday. The venue was ideal for us, well decorated and arranged to best effect. The 12 piece band – Crunching Numbers - was a blast, playing a variety of music arranged around the Halloween theme and the memories of the party-goers. Finger food hardly describes the selection and quantity of snacks provided. Finally, our supporters provided appealing raffle prizes which raised a further $550 for the Club’s Charity account. Thanks to everyone involved and to all those able to share the evening with us!


Earlier last week, we were all challenged to remember the last time we littered! Sharon Owens from the NSW Government’s Waste Less Recycle More initiative told us that although everyone knows it is wrong, everyone litters. “Aerial composting” of apple cores is littering! In 2014-15, NSW spent more than $180M in the management of litter. About 30% of this waste in NSW is bottles and the imminent introduction of a container deposit scheme, similar to the long-standing South Australian scheme, is expected to significantly improve this aspect of the problem.



Happy birthday Ken!