Another successful Zoom meeting last Tuesday morning with 14 participants including club members, fellow Rotarian David Perabo the President of Chatswood Sunrise club and guests joining us to hear from club member Don Napper.  His presentation informed us of the attempts that both the Germans and Allies used to break the deadlock of trench warfare on the Western Front in WW1.  We heard how a German chemist, Fritz Haber used science for good and evil as he showed in 1909 how nitrogen in the air could be converted into fertilizer for food production. He was awarded the 1918 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for this breakthrough.  Such an award was controversial as it was also Haber who introduced poisonous gas warfare in April 1915 which was eventually used as a psychological terror weapon by both sides.


All members will recall that as we continue to be unable to meet at our breakfast venue I asked for and it was generally agreed that each club member pay the sum of $30.00 per month for our Zoom meetings.  This amount is approximately the profit our club made each week after paying Piato for our breakfasts and will at least bring in some funds to the club while our usual revenue streams are on hold.  Thank you to those members who have already paid and I look forward to any outstanding remittances to our bank account.


Thanks to Jaz we have been offered the opportunity to operate a BBQ within a community based Farmers Market once restrictions allow and further details will be advised in coming weeks.