Last Tuesday a large number of members and guests enjoyed a very interesting presentation by Andrew Phippen on the many early expeditions made by the French to our part of the world. 

We all learnt at school about the role the Dutch and mainly the British mariners played in the expanding knowledge of this continent, but the fact is that the French were the first Europeans to set foot upon our shores.  Had it not been for the fact that all the lead French mariners / explorers failed to survive, for various reasons, their journeys back to France and the fall of the monarchy and subsequent wars in the late 16th and early 17th centuries history could have been very different!


Andrew Young has continued to review our club’s goals and objectives for the coming year. His slide show at our meeting brought us up to date on where we are on the important aspects of our fundraising and the proposed beneficiaries of such. He has distributed copies of the presentation to all members and I look forward to hearing from any member on further suggestions.


On Tuesday 28 May, Sharon Crean will speak on the subject - The Impact of clean water for a remote health clinic in East Africa.