At last Tuesday’s breakfast, members and visitors heard from Professor Robert Clancy on the subject of the extensive ocean voyages made by French mariners in the late 1700’s.  The French were attempting to establish a large colonial empire and if you look at many place names around the Australian continent they arrived in our part of the world prior to the English.  However due to the strength of the British Navy and the defeat of the Napoleon forces in the early 1800’s such colonies were never established. 


On the weekend of 29-31 March a small group of members will be attending our District 9685 Conference in Newcastle and will be joining many other attendees in a Walk to End Polio on the Saturday afternoon. 


Clubs have also been asked to decorate a gnome which was presented to us by DG Susan Wakefield on her visit to our club last year. The challenge was to decorate it to best show the region our club represents.  Upon advice from PP Trent Zimmerman we decided the gnome should be dressed as a construction worker …… !  My efforts to dress the gnome in such work clothes are shown in the photo later in the bulletin!


In our next bulletin you will learn if our gnome made it onto the podium and also many photos of our team getting into the spirit of Rotary Rocks Newcastle. 

Our speaker on Tuesday, 2 April will be Simon McNamarra who will inform us on the work being done by Yourside.