By the time your read this bulletin we should all be enjoying much cooler conditions after the southerly change arrived on Thursday.  I counted myself as one of the climate change sceptics in the early days of the debate on this issue.  However, my attitude has certainly changed. In recent years due to the overwhelming evidence of global record-breaking extremes.  Caused by humans or is it cyclical global weather patterns?


Last Tuesday morning our speaker, Sam Westly, a 23 year-old university student in his final year studying a double degree in Arts & Business / Law informed us on his vision to create a not-for-profit organisation that connects older Australians to young university students through housing.


You will note from the article later in this bulletin, that Melbourne will host the Rotary International Convention in 2023.


On Tuesday, 5 February we will be holding a Club Forum and I invite members to attend and participate in the discussion.