We welcomed PP Iain back from his Indonesia trip at last Tuesday’s meeting and I was very pleased to be able to present him with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition for his on-going support for the Rotary Foundation. His described a visit to an active volcano where the incredibly loud crashing noises from far below in the crater were not expected and of the lack of any safety fencing.


Also, at the meeting our speaker Graham Kenny posed us with 6 questions pertaining to how past, present and future events have and will affect Manufacturing in Australia.  These questions related to the importance of the Industrial Revolution, what is China’s industrial revolution, how much has Australia’s manufacturing decreased, what are the impacts on Australia’s standard of living, what is Australia’s future in manufacturing and should we be worried!


An unexpected fact related to us was that only 5 % of the total number of slaves transported from Africa were sent to the United States, a figure far less than we at the meeting had guessed.


At our next meeting on Tuesday, 30 October we will be hearing from Dr Nick Young on the subject of “Malaria in Indonesia”. 


President Allan