Three members of the Rotary Club of North Sydney Sunrise were delighted to be able to attend the book presentation facilitated by Books in Homes Australia at the Stuart Town Public School late in June. The 11 enrolled students and several staff were outnumbered on the day by many visitors to the school, who were also there to thank the retiring principal, Mrs Joy Wyner for her many years of service.


The RCNSS has been supporting the Books in Homes Australia project at Stuart Town since 2010 and it was very gratifying for us to see the growing library at the school, an important by-product of the offering of books to each student at the end of every term. Many of the books in the library celebrate Aboriginal culture and the students all now receive lessons in the local Wiradjuri language, a dictionary of which is available for reference.


Following the presentation of books, the students participated in planting trees to create a much needed wind break. This initiative was sponsored by the RCNSS in honour of the goal set by the 2017-18 President of Rotary International, Australian Ian Riseley for Rotarians everywhere to ‘make a difference’ by planting trees.